The Wickham Coin Series Books 1 & 2


Georgiana’s Folly
In this Pride and Prejudice variation, Darcy enlists Elizabeth’s aid to help him deal with Georgiana, a tricky task with Wickham in town. An attempt was made to make Wickham as good a man as possible and still be consistent with Pride and Prejudice. This is partly Georgiana’s story.

Elizabeth’s Plight
In this Pride and Prejudice variation, Elizabeth rescues Georgiana from ruin, but who will rescue Elizabeth? In Elizabeth’s Plight, which has more action scenes than in previous collaborations, Wickham is definitely a villain.

These two novellas have different interpretations of Wickham, although he is not the main character in either. Both bring Darcy and Georgiana to Hertfordshire, both show another way Elizabeth and Darcy find each other, and both involve Wickham. Together, the two novella’s, Georgiana’s Folly and Elizabeth’s Plight, make up The Wickham Coin Series.

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