Hypothetically Married

What does an aging country attorney know about raising five young women? Apparently not enough, for the first of them to wed is the youngest, and her husband is a schemer. Trying to do better for his remaining wards, Mr. Phillips moves them to London.

Elizabeth is happy enough to visit London with her uncle and sisters, until town life throws her into the company of Mr. Darcy. She met him the autumn before, when he and his friends visited Hertfordshire, and found him thoroughly disagreeable. Now, it seems she must be in his company nearly every day.

Darcy is aware that Miss Elizabeth Bennet doesn’t care for him, which suits him perfectly. After all, he has no intention of courting the aggravating country miss. Even so, he must see her often and they develop a tentative friendship. Both make it clear to each other that it is friendship, not love. As those around them seek their help for their romantic relationships, Darcy and Elizabeth are steadfast in avoiding romantic involvement with each other. Or are they?

This is a Pride and Prejudice variation novel of approximately 59,000 words.

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