Pride & Prejudice and Planets

What could possibly be in Longbourn Crater that was worth their while?

When damage to his ship forces Captain Darcy to land in an unexpected location on an alien world, he’s not prepared for what he finds. He expected aliens, certainly, but he didn’t expect a contingent of humans related to Earth’s most notorious traitor, or for those humans to be his crew’s only chance to repair their ship and complete their mission. Brilliant and beautiful, the human women they meet seem poised to do more harm than good.

Elizabeth Bennet may have been raised on an alien world but she knows enough about human men to recognize a snub when confronted with one. She definitely has no time for supercilious captains who view her father as a traitor to humankind, but she’s more than happy to apply her considerable skills to repairing the Earth humans’ ship. The sooner they’re off her planet, the better.

Pride & Prejudice and Planets is an alternate-reality science fiction variation on Jane Austen’s classic Pride & Prejudice. Read on to discover how Captain Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet and all their usual companions negotiate alien races, dangerous space travel, and each other.

Enjoy this sample.