More Than He Seems

Could George Wickham, Jane Austen’s most notorious villain, be a hero?

Faced with the choice of keeping his good name or serving King and Country, George Wickham puts aside love, acceptance and family in service of the Crown. Never does he dream he will prove so adept at deceit that one act of service will turn into years of falsehood. Or that the lie he perpetuates for the good of all will drive a wedge between him and everyone he values.

More Than He Seems runs parallel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice with a portrayal of George Wickham as you never dreamed to see him. Join him through trials of fidelity and love, and through danger and redemption. Discover if this famous villain can truly be more than he seems.

More Than He Seems is a Pride and Prejudice Variation Novel of approximately 105,000 words.

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