The Lost Chapter – The Long Road to Longbourn

Dear Friends,

Not everything written for a book ends up in a book. What follows is a chapter that we took out. This was originally the last chapter about Elizabeth and Darcy before the epilogue. It contains only minor spoilers. Sharing it with you here is prompted by a review we got on Amazon UK. Before the chapter, here is the relevant part of that review (for the full review, click HERE):

It is a real pet hate of mine that a story finishes at the point, which I feel, is just before the bit I really want to read about- then we fast forward into the future with an Epilogue. A personal thing that never fails to annoy me… despite the annoyance though, it didn’t feel as though anything was missed out and I was happy with how everything came together at the end.

You can read Chapter 25 below, or download your copy.

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