A Dollop of Pride and a Dash of Prejudice


Epiphany with Tea

Who would think tea at Rosings could be enlightening? Not Mr. Darcy. At least, not until the moment he realizes how to win Elizabeth Bennet’s heart.

Even after years of marriage, the memory of tea at Rosings is still fresh in Darcy’s mind, but can lessons learned then help him come to terms with the trials of today?

Epiphany with Tea is a story of love, happiness, understanding and cherishing the season.

From Ashes to Heiresses

With the rest of their family gone and their home destroyed, Elizabeth and Jane are taken in by their aunt and uncle in Meryton. Concerned about the two surviving Bennet sisters’ situation, Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley come to Hertfordshire, but not before Mr. Wickham attempts to use the situation to his advantage.

Miss Bingley’s Christmas

The weather outside is frightful, but that doesn’t stop Miss Bingley from dragging her sister off to a trendy new flower shop in a slightly less than modish part of London. What could be so important as to bring two socialites out in the cold? Why, Mr. Darcy is coming for Christmas dinner.

Unfortunately for Miss Bingley, a winter storm and her own arrogance combine to ruin her Christmas plans, but maybe the Christmas she ends up having will actually turn into the Christmas of her dreams.

Their Secret Love

What if Mr. Darcy expected Elizabeth to approve when he issued his infamous insult at the dance?

When Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy and Miss Elizabeth Bennet meet for the first time, they quickly recognize a connection that could change their lives, but how can they explore their attraction with Mrs. Bennet sure to pounce on Darcy as a candidate for marriage to Elizabeth and with Darcy’s family certain to censure him for his choice? They need a good plan, or their relations could destroy their love before it’s hardly begun.

Each story is a complete Pride and Prejudice variation and is not part of a series. They total about 52,000 words.

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