The Scandalous Stepmother

The Scandalous Stepmother LargeWhen Mrs. Bennet died, Mr. Bennet decided it behooved him to find a new mother for his young daughters. Now, with all of them grown and getting married, it’s time for Elizabeth to learn the truth about her father’s choice. Little does Elizabeth know, the woman who fought for years to turn her and her sisters into proper English misses is secretly a very scandalous stepmother.

This Pride and Prejudice variation novella is approximately 47,000 words in length.

“This is one of the best P&P variations I have read in a long time. Darcy’s pride was in full bloom in this version which was a source of strong contention on Lizzy’s part as she struggled to suppress her dislike and prejudice. It was beautifully done. Lizzy’s stepmother was a welcomed new villain. I love versions that do not make Jane evil. She and Lizzy should always be close sisters regardless the characteristics of the other family members. Thanks for wonderful unfolding of Darcy & Lizzy’s love. My chief complaint is that it was not long enough.” – Sheila

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