Poor Mr. Darcy

Poor Mr Darcy FrontImagine a world in which Darcy doesn’t go to Ramsgate and thus doesn’t stop Georgiana from running off and marrying Wickham. Renata McMann and Summer Hanford present Poor Mr. Darcy: A Pride & Prejudice Novella, in which they examine how that single alteration changes the way Elizabeth’s and Darcy’s story unfolds, a tale that hinges on Mr. Darcy’s performance as a poor Mr. Darcy.

This Pride and Prejudice variation novella is approximately 44,000 words in length.

“The story is well presented, not rushed and wonderfully compelling. Truly one of the more unique P&P variations . The What if, in Poor Mr. Darcy, is that as the result of Georgiana and Wickham marrying, Darcy never goes to Netherfield, Jane and Bingley marry and Lizzy lives with them. While Mrs. Bennet is still mad at Lizzy for refusing Mr. Collins and Lizzy, while having met Darcy at Rosings was unaware of Pemberley or his wealth. There are many twist and turns to keep you guessing.” – Ldub

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