Miss Bingley’s Christmas

The weather outside is frightful, but that doesn’t stop Miss Bingley from dragging her sister off to a trendy new flower shop in a slightly less than modish part of London. What could be so important as to bring two socialites out in the cold? Why, Mr. Darcy is coming for Christmas dinner.

Unfortunately for Miss Bingley, a winter storm and her own arrogance combine to ruin her Christmas plans, but maybe the Christmas she ends up having will actually turn into the Christmas of her dreams.

This Pride and Prejudice variation short story is approximately 8,000 words.

“This is a sweet Pride and Prejudice Christmas story, set in London after Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley have left Netherfield. It is bitterly cold, and Bingley’s two sisters, Caroline and Louisa, are traveling from a less fashionable part of town, where they had gone to purchase flowers specifically for Christmas dinner the following day that Mr. Darcy and his sister would attend at the Hurst’s home. Unfortunately, their carriage comes to a standstill, blocked both in front and in back, with daylight starting to wane and the temperature getting ever colder. Thinking that movement would be warmer than sitting still and freezing, the two ladies decide to try walking to their home, but the weather continues to worsen and even starts to snow.

Jane and Elizabeth Bennet, in a carriage with their Aunt Gardiner, happen to be passing and recognize them. The Bingley sisters are ushered into the carriage and then to the Gardiners’ home, which is very close by, so they can get warm and dry. Circumstances require them to stay overnight on Christmas Eve, a situation that has Caroline less than happy, to put it mildly. Can the sincere joy and warmth of the Gardiner household melt her heart, even just a little bit?

The short story is just lovely in every respect. The writing, as always from this pair of authors, is excellent, and the plot is engaging with some surprising moments. Love seeing Caroline’s reaction to babysitting a young child! Overall, this novella is a great Christmas treat.” – Debbie B.

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