Mary Younge

Mary Younge PewterIn Pride and Prejudice it is difficult to imagine a woman who would both meet Mr. Darcy’s requirements to take charge of Georgiana, and who would trust Mr. Wickham. If she helped him, she would lose both her job and her reputation. It is unlikely she trusted or loved him enough to do that. We only know Mrs. Younge through Darcy’s eyes, but, though this Mrs. Younge conceals some of her past from Mr. Darcy, she neither conspired with Wickham nor is fooled by him. Mary Younge shows us there could be another side to the story.

This Pride and Prejudice variation novella is approximately 40,000 words in length and is included in Pride & Prejudice Villains Revisited – Redeemed – Reimagined: A Collection of Six Short Stories first available in late December of 2015.

“I absolutely loved this book. I realize that many have convinced themselves that Mrs. Younge was an evil, unindicted co-conspirator of Wickham, but that is never said in P&P

In this book the author absolves Mrs. Younge of her alleged crime. The story puts the blame firmly upon Mr. Wickham and on the lackadaisical guidance Mr. Darcy provides. Darcy’s Pride and arrogance toward the lesser classes and his inability to allow Georgiana to know the truth of Wickham contributes to the fallacy that Mrs Younge is at fault.

Barely half the book covers Mrs. Younge’s time with the Darcy’s the rest concerns her time at the boarding house. This is a well written and unique book.” – Leslie

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