Epiphany with Tea

epiphany-with-tea-coverWho would think tea at Rosings could be enlightening? Not Mr. Darcy. At least, not until the moment he realizes how to win Elizabeth Bennet’s heart.

Even after years of marriage, the memory of tea at Rosings is still fresh in Darcy’s mind, but can lessons learned then help him come to terms with the trials of today?

Epiphany with Tea is a story of love, happiness, understanding and cherishing the season.

This Pride and Prejudice Short Story is approximately 12,500 words.

“Short, sweet, clean and read in less than an hour. It is perfect for those waiting in line, a quick quiet moment, a relaxing cozy moment with a cup of tea, hot chocolate or coffee. Yes, this was a simply feel good read.

We flashback several times between our Pemberley couple [now married 9 years] and that faithful April long ago at Rosings. This time things are different and man are they different. We see a new reveal that I’ve not seen presented before. I love it when authors take a different turn of events and take the reader completely by surprise. Oh, it was simply too delicious. I loved it. It was awful, embarrassing and completely hilarious. Poor Lady Catherine, I actually felt pity for her for… about… five seconds until she opened her mouth and made me loath, hate and despise her. No, that is simply too harsh. I dislike her and her cruel treatment of poor Anne. Man, this was a reveal that was just too awesome.

The interaction between Elizabeth and Darcy was magical. I loved his honesty with her and her honesty with him. They were able to bring forward their feelings for each other and examine those points that needed to be changed and those points that needed to go forward. It was really creative how the authors brought them together. This was a very different April at Rosings. Poor Mr. Collins didn’t know what to do, or who to turn to. This certainly rocked his world.

And then, we have Mrs. Jenkinson… poor dear, how delightful for her. I loved this part. I’ve always worried what would happen to her in the story. Our authors created a delightful story for her. I really liked it, and what a surprise.

Let us look now at the ending. Oh, I wanted to cry, it was so touching. Be prepared, those of you with a mother’s heart and a mother’s love, whether you have birthed a child or not, for you will be touched beyond measure. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it. Oh, I love Elizabeth so very much for her act of faith and of her act of love. Our authors created such a beautiful, descriptive scene in front of the Christmas tree. It was the most beautiful touching scene I’ve read in a while. It was so simple, nothing outlandish or verbose, just a simple, description of childlike innocence that touched and pulled at the heart strings. Be still my heart, I still want to cry and I just may.

Novella’s are hard to rate as they are not a full book. However, this one was so good, I just had to rate it 5-stars. I still have tears in my eyes, that alone is worth an extra point. Oh, and I simply love, love, love that cover.” – J. W. Garrett

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