Entanglements of Honor

Entanglements of HonorWhen fear of a fire forces Bennet sisters Elizabeth and Jane into compromised situations, both sisters concede they must marry. The trouble is, Mr. Bingley is honor bound to offer for Elizabeth, as Mr. Darcy is to offer for Jane. Can our two favorite Pride and Prejudice couples untangle themselves? Find out in Entanglements of Honor, a Pride and Prejudice variation novella.

Entanglements of Honor is a Pride and Prejudice variation novella of approximately 38,000 words.

“I have Kindle Unlimited because once through a story is usually enough for me. However, this is such a well written and entertaining variation, I purchased it. It has a unique premise where Jane and Elizabeth are unintentionally compromised by Darcy and Bingley during their stay at Netherfield and forced to marry. The rest of the story follows Darcy and Elizabeth as they get to know each other better at Pemberley. Caroline Bingley plays an important role in the beginning and the story also features Mr. Collins, Lady Catherine and Wickham to a certain extent. This is not canon and is a clean variation. I’ve read some other books written by these authors but this one is my favorite. Looking forward to more variations!” – P&P Fan

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