Courting Elizabeth

In the wake of his disastrous proposal to Elizabeth, Darcy is compelled to write her, unable to permit her misconceptions to stand. Unfortunately, he leaves his letter unattended. What happens when Darcy’s words make their way into Lady Catherine’s hands? With his aunt determined to force him to marry Anne de Bourgh, will Darcy still manage to pursue Elizabeth? Find out what twists, turns and danger await in Courting Elizabeth.

Courting Elizabeth is a Pride and Prejudice variation novel of approximately 83,000 words.

“I enjoyed the journey this book took me on, there were many bumps in the road and hills to climb to reach a HEA but it was so worth it. Refreshing new characters with Henry and of course the standard baddies with Lady Catherine at the very top. There was angst, misunderstandings, evil plots and romance galore. I think I fell in love a little with Henry, what a fun date he would be. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable read.” – Jules

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