The Inconsistency of Caroline Bingley

The Inconsistency of Caroline BingleyWhat if Darcy did not find out about Wickham’s and Lydia’s elopement until Lydia returned home in disgrace? Elizabeth is shaken by the scandal, and Caroline Bingley is as determined as ever to keep Darcy and Elizabeth apart.

The Inconsistency of Caroline Bingley is about 15,000 words.

“It is a good short story and I really like stories where the not so nice characters get what they deserve. The usual characters are in this story along with a new one who shows that people can change for the better. I do recommend this book to
anyone who enjoys the Pride and Prejudice books and would like to see Caroline taken down a notch or two for her treatment of Elizabeth Darcy. There truly is nothing like the wrath of anger of a woman scorned.” – Mary Kay

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