Foiled Elopement

Elizabeth Bennet is left stranded after saving Georgiana Darcy from a disastrous elopement. Rescue is near, but Elizabeth will have to pay an additional price, not only for Georgiana’s mistake but for the circumstance in which Elizabeth becomes embroiled. Some, like Miss Bingley, may look down on a precarious situation of Elizabeth’s own making, but what else could someone of her bold, intelligent and compassionate nature do?

This Pride and Prejudice variation is approximately 60,000 words.

“Having read other books by these authors it was a very easy choice to pick this one up immediately this day of publication and once I began to read I could not put it down. It didn’t take long to finish it as I had to keep turning the pages. The angst is almost unrelenting. It is without MA scenes for those who want to know.” – S. L. Majczan

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