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It’s Christmas all around the world, and in Pride and Prejudice as well. Available now, the first of two Christmas short stories to come out before the holiday is here, Epiphany with Tea. Coming soon, Miss Bingley’s Christmas.

Available Now: Epiphany with Tea! Click HERE!

A Christmas Tale

December 1822, Pemberley . . .

After nine years, Darcy knew Elizabeth well enough to guess she didn’t consider their disagreement of the day before resolved. His first and most salient clue was the look she’d leveled on him after his previous day’s declaration that he would not discuss the issue of Wickham’s son further. It was the first time he’d made that sort of arbitrary declaration to Elizabeth and he’d regretted the words, his father’s, as soon as they left his mouth. The glorious sight of her, shoulders back and eyes afire with emotion, was almost worth her anger, but he didn’t truly enjoy provoking his wife or mirroring certain traits of his sire.

If her reaction yesterday hadn’t been enough of an indication of her feelings, her absence that morning was. Normally, Elizabeth would appear, generally with one or both of their children in tow, as he was finishing dressing. From there, they would all go down to breakfast together, though little Jane, just three, generally stayed only a short time. Their son, Fitzwilliam, was eight now and took pride in exhibiting proper manners at the table, which, in turn, was a source of pride for Darcy. Today, however, Darcy dressed in suspicious silence, punctuated only by brief exchanges with a studiously bland valet.

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Available now, Miss Bingley’s Chirstmas! Click HERE!

Part One: Christmas Eve

It wasn’t freezing, which was good, because Miss Bingley didn’t want the flowers she’d purchased to freeze, but it was quite cold. She and her sister, Louisa Hurst, were on their way back from a new flower market. It wasn’t in the best of neighborhoods, but it had lived up to the rumor of splendid blooms. Normally, Miss Bingley wouldn’t set foot in the part of town they were in, but tomorrow wasn’t a normal day. It was Christmas. More importantly, Mr. Darcy and his sister were joining the Hursts and Miss Bingley for Christmas dinner.

Miss Bingley leaned forward, peeking past the heavy curtains draping the coach windows. The thick fabric provided privacy and blocked out some of the chill, but left it rather dark within. Not that the world without offered much to brighten things, for the day was overcast. She sighed, letting the drapes fall back into place. She’d been doing everything imaginable to make sure dinner tomorrow would be flawless.

It couldn’t be, though, for it wasn’t at Pemberley. Miss Bingley had long since realized nothing could be perfect if it didn’t involve Mr. Darcy’s marvelous estate, and his formidable fortune. That included her future. Christmas at Pemberley, as they’d originally planned, would have brought that future much nearer, she was sure of it. Were she in his home at so celebrated a time of year, behaving with perfection, he would have seen how right it was to have her there.