Five Pride and Prejudice Variations: A Collection of Short Stories


Five Pride and Prejudice Variations - A collection of Short Stories

Heiress to Longbourn
After Mr. Collins’ death, Mr. Bennet decides to make his daughter Elizabeth his sole heir. She finds what it is like to be courted for her wealth.

Anne de Bough Manages
After Darcy’s disastrous proposal to Elizabeth, Elizabeth saves Anne de Bourgh’s life. In the process of doing something for Elizabeth, Anne makes decisions about her own life.

Three Daughters Married
After Anne de Bourgh’s unexpected death, Lady Catherine de Bourgh talks herself into believing that Darcy should marry Elizabeth Bennet.

The Inconsistency of Caroline Bingley
What if Darcy did not find out about Wickham’s and Lydia’s elopement until Lydia returned home in disgrace? Elizabeth is shaken by the scandal, and Caroline Bingley is as determined as ever to keep Darcy and Elizabeth apart.

Pemberley Weddings
What if Colonel Fitzwilliam told Mr. Darcy that Elizabeth was upset about Darcy separating Mr. Bingley and Jane Bennet? If Mr. Darcy realized Elizabeth didn’t like him, but he still wanted to marry her, what would happen?

“Give the author five stars. I have read many of these variations but to get five stories this entertaining at this price is a value. Sure, there were some errors but not enough to take away from the pleasure I got from reading them. I will be looking for more stories from this author.” – Jody

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